Artificial Limbs & Appliances supply a vast range of prosthesis for both Upper and Lower extremity amputees. We cater for all levels of limb amputation. By utilising a broad range of techniques and technologies we assist clients to achieve their goals. Products include micro processor knees, energy storing feet and cosmetic prosthesis with life like appearance. Upper limb products include myoelectric devices, body powered prosthesis and purely cosmetic prosthesis with life like appearance.

Lower Extremity Prosthesis:

Partial Foot | Symes | Trans Tibial / Below Knee | Knee Disarticulation | Trans Femoral / Above Knee Specialising in Ischial Containment Socket Design | Hip Disarticulation | Congenital Limb Deficiencies 


Upper Extremity Prosthesis:

Partial Hand | Trans Radial / Below Elbow | Trans Humeral / Above Elbow | Shoulder Disarticulation


Artificial Limbs & Appliances staff have been a part of Osseointegration for amputees since 2011. Staff are well versed in the treatment and clinical management of Osseointegration amputees.
Osseointegration is the surgical implant of an “endo-prosthesis” directly into the patient’s bone.

The implant protrudes through the skin and allows for the direct attachment of prosthetic componentry without the requirement of a prosthetic socket. It may be utilised by upper and lower limb amputees.
If you would like more information regarding Osseointegration please arrange an appointment with your Prosthetist at Artificial Limbs & Appliances.

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